Truth: It sets you free…

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So, since our childhood we’re being told to always speak the truth. Never to tell a lie. But what is the definition of truth? Is it a one-liner or does truth have a universally applicable definition?

Well, in the upcoming paras, I want to discuss my version of answers to the question I raised in the above few lines. Okay, so, the Oxford dictionary provides us with a one-liner for truth and that is ‘the state of being true’. And what’ true, the facts — maybe the ones which can be proven. However, I feel it might not be followed by all of us and it might not be applicable in all the situations. We might have our own definitions for truth, like what I follow; truth is something what you actually experience. Relax, listen to your heart, what does it actually tell you? What are you really experiencing? The voice you hear then, is your truth. Again, not everyone might agree to this definition too and, that’s really okay.

We’re always told to speak the truth, to others, to our parents, our teachers, our friends or to someone with whom we’re in a relationship. What we’re not told so often is to speak the truth to our self, our own oppressed self. There are times when we’re afraid to face our own truth. We don’t accept situations even when we’re aware of the real facts. Again, there are also times when we don’t speak truth to our partner, or our parents thinking that they might get hurt.

We keep telling that false things to just let them be happy. What we forget in that case is to hide one truth, we’re telling hundreds of lies. And this trap finally resists us to think that with those lies, we’re only giving our loved ones a partial happiness.

Our truth releases us from all the feelings of guilt, guilt of sin. It heals and nourishes our heart. It sets us free, not only from prejudices and mistakes, but also from all the false notions which enslave our souls. It paves our path to actual freedom.

And the truth shall set you free.” This quote comes from the Bible, John 8:32.

Even our religions tell to always speak the truth. Truth is an eternal liberation from all of our fears. The consequences of telling a truth, sometimes, might be devastating, but still, it shows us the way to nourish and heal ourselves. To accept ourselves.

The above written lines are my understanding towards truth. This idea might not be aligned with everyone’s thoughts, but mine. Please share your thoughts on the same. Thanks in advance:)




Writer by passion | Software Developer by profession | A very good listener

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Ankita Yadav

Ankita Yadav

Writer by passion | Software Developer by profession | A very good listener

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